Virginia Tourism full page ad for Garden & Gun magazine featuring Todd Thrasher from PX in Alexandria, VA. PX is a really cool Speak Easy in Old Town Alexandria. Definitely worth checking out. The guy makes some amazing cocktails, each one telling a story. 

Photo: Peter Frank Edwards

Virginia Tourism Garden & Gun Advertorial

Sweet advertorial we created for Virginia Tourism with local kayak fisherman Rob Choi. Pretty epic shot. 

Photos by: Peter Frank Edwards

DO BIG THINGS– Rapid City, SD. Art Alley.

Pretty cool when a city gets behind a brand you developed. 

My work takes me to all kinds of amazing places. This trip was no exception. Here are a few shots from a recent week in Aspen. This was one brand I think we nailed. Defy Ordinary. This place and the people who call it home definitely Defy Ordinary. 

It’s always a trip to see your work out in the world. It’s kind of like running into your teacher at the grocery store when you’re in the 2nd grade. Except I didn’t hide behind the watermelons.  

A cool pick-up from one of our latest shoots in the Northern Neck of Virginia. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend heading that way for some fresh oysters.

(I’d hate to be the guy who had to build this walkway.)

Work has taken me all over our fine country lately. Seven states all together. Oh yeah, all in one week :). (VA, GA, SC, NC, TX, MN, SD) Many were firsts for me which is always exciting. Here’s a collection of unedited shots from the road.

Played 10 times

A radio spot I put together for Virginia Beach inspiring people to plan and book their summer vacations early.

This project is near and dear to my heart. Last year, I had the privilege of traveling to Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras to film an Operation Smile medical mission. Needless to say, it was an experience that changed me forever. My travels also led me to southern California where I had a chance to meet my childhood hero, Tony Hawk. It’s a pretty amazing experience having someone you idolized read a script you wrote for a concept and brand position you helped author. A brand that can help change forever for kids who before had no future. From concept to shooting to building the website, our team at BCF ( rocked it out. I sincerely hope this website inspires you to help others (regardless of the charity you choose to support) and opens your eyes to just how good we have it here in the states. Kids are kids, regardless of where they’re born. So if you can spare some time and clicks, please check out this site and share it with the world. Together, we can change forever.

A fun spot we did for the Virginia Aquarium’s new ‘Soak it up!’ campaign. Shout out to Paul Costen ( for the animation work and Todd Aftel for creating the cuddly critters.

Here’s a series of :15 TV spots we wrote and produced for Virginia Beach tourism. This was a really fun project with the inspiration for most of these spots coming from either a personal life experience or stories from friends. It goes to show that sometimes the best vacation memories are the ones you can’t plan for. Love the Moment. Happy New Year!